North America is Winning the New Normal with its Exceptionalism (again) - 49 mins

Is America in decline or stronger than ever? Brownfield Listings CEO Dan French discusses this, the past, the future and much more in these riveting and fact-rich keynote remarks from the opening plenary session Brownfields 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.

2018 Oklahoma Brownfields Conference Keynote (Abridged) - 6 mins

"Do your best. I'm counting on you." Enjoy these inspirational keynote remarks (abridged introduction and conclusion) to the Oklahoma Brownfields Conference from Brownfield Listings CEO Dan French.

Brownfields 2017 Opening Plenary Keynote (Abridged) - "We can do it." - 5 mins

Brownfields 2017 Opening Plenary Keynote concluding remarks from Brownfield Listings CEO Dan French.

Brightfields 2019 - Virgina - 3 mins

Brownfield Listings and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) hosted Brightfields 2019 - Virgina in Richmond, VA. The video highlights the importance of brightfields and how they impact the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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