Meet Potential Partners and Dealmakers in the Solar Market Mixer

The Solar Market Mixer connects communities & landowners with solar developers & pros in a fast-paced, sit-down forum mixing & matching participants with each other in timed, round-robin meetings.

Communities, Landowners and Property Managers

Bring your site(s) with solar potential to make connections with the solar developers and vendors you need to make your solar vision a reality.

Solar Developers and Vendors

Get direct access to the site owners and property managers who are interested in adding solar to their properties. Meet a diverse group of decision-makers in an afternoon of networking and deal-making!


Communities and landowners who bring a potential solar development site to the Solar Market Mixer can attend Brightfields 2020 - Minnesota for free!

  • Position your potential solar energy production sites one half (1/2) acre in size or larger in front of brightfield professionals developing greenfields, greyfields, brownfields and landfills across the country.

  • Test your brightfield site’s development potential in the only live, in-person forum suited to gaining direct feedback from experienced and capable solar redevelopment professionals.

  • Participating communities & landowners will be featured in an exclusive site map showcasing sites at the event.

  • Communities & landowners will receive complimentary upgrades on & preparatory technical support from BL prior to the event.

  • Eligible landowners may elect to receive additional technical assistance in advance from BL and its non-profit partners.

  • Participating solar developers, vendors & professionals can receive complementary profiles featured on All participants will receive briefing books the day of the event, for your use and your records.

Who can join the Solar Market Mixer?

  • Communities, landowners and property managers who submit a site
  • Solar developers
  • Solar vendors

We are accepting submissions from anywhere in the US, thus you do not need to be located in Minnesota to join the Mixer.

Unsure whether you’re right for the mix? Contact us at and we can help!

What types of properties are allowed to participate in the Solar Market Mixer?

We require that properties be at least 0.5 acres of potential solar development in size, and it must be a land-based property, rather than rooftop solar.

We are accepting submissions from anywhere in the US, thus you do not need to be located in Minnesota to join the Mixer.

Is there a cost or fee to participate in the Solar Market Mixer?

There are no additional fees to join the Solar Market Mixer for those communities and solar developers/vendors.  Developers and vendors are required to register for Brightfields 2020 - Minnesota.

When is the deadline to submit a property?

The submission deadline is February 19th, 2020.

If I submit a site to the Solar Market Mixer, do I also need to register for Brightfields 2020?

By submitting a site that fits our requirements, you will automatically be registered to attend Brightfields 2020 - Minnesota.  Brownfield Listings will contact you with your confirmation information, as well as ask for additional information if necessary.

If my community does not have any sites to bring to the Solar Market Mixer, should I still come to the event?

Absolutely!  Our educational program caters directly to community members and other professionals that wish to learn from the industry's brightest minds.

If I'm a solar developer or vendor, how do I reserve my spot in the Solar Market Mixer?

Email Brownfield Listings at and we will be in touch with you shortly with the details you need.

How many sites can I submit for the Solar Market Mixer?

There is no limit on the number of parcels/projects you may enter! You may re-submit this form if there are multiple properties or projects you would like to submit (multiple contiguous parcels may be treated as one) or contact BL at for free help uploading a list of potential solar sites.

If I submit a site, who can come with me to Brightfields 2020 - Minnesota?

If you are participating in the Solar Market Mixer as a community / property owner / property manager, you will receive two complimentary registrations to the conference.

What should I bring to the Solar Market Mixer?

Participants may bring any (small) table-top displays, marketing brochures, info sheets or takeaway items.

How long is each stop in the round robin Solar Market Mixer?

Each stop in the Solar Market Mixer is about 10 minutes.  Make sure to come prepared to make the most of each meeting!

If I am a developer or vendor, will I be able to review potential properties before the Solar Market Mixer?

Yes!  Participants will receive info sheets on mixer counterparts in advance to prime conversations, including a briefing book for your use during the event.

Images from the Solar Market Mixer at Brightfields 2019 - New England

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